Antarctic krill oil - Nutrition is the highest,the most complete nutrition health care product
Time: 2022-03-22 15:05:17

  With the improvement of living standards, the enhancement of health consciousness and the invasion of various sub-health problems, the demand for nutrition and health care products is increasing. China's nutritional health care products market into the rapid development period, especially for high morbidity and mortality of  cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, all kinds of health care products after another. In recent years, fish oil market cohabitation, "fish oil hot" gradually receded, Antarctic krill oil began to prevail in the market, widely sought after by consumers.

       Antarctic krill lives in the Antarctic ocean, is at the bottom of the food chain and plays an important role in balancing the Antarctic Marine ecosystem.It is reported that under the management of the Antarctic maritime convention commission, only a dozen ships have been approved each year, and the fishing season is the last two months of the Antarctic summer, with less than 1 per cent annual catch.

       Antarctic waters - 1.4 ℃ to 2.7 ℃ low temperature water, food of Antarctic krill is the Antarctic ice algae, let the Antarctic krill body full of treasures. Krill rich in DHA and EPA, omega 3 fatty acids, and lots of astaxanthin, Angle of flavin, vitamin A, E, such as super natural antioxidant, to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, reduce joint inflammation, antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, activate the cell vitality, delay aging has A magical effect.

Antarctic krill oil is taken from the resource-rich but high nutrition of Antarctic krill, through the Antarctic Marine fishing, the processing of semi-finished products of cryopreservation, maximum reserves the full and effective components of the molecular structure of activity, is the human can eat to nutrition is highest, most complete, best natural collocation, "Fine bubble food".
      Antarctic krill oil is recommended as a better omega-3 carrier than fish oil, which has higher biological activity. It is pointed out that from the total Omega 3 of krill oil and fish oil absorption in plasma and red blood cells than in better, krill oil is increasing omega-3 fatty acid level and enhance omega-3 index is more effective than fish oil, and higher levels of Omega 3 in red blood cells can effectively reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.