Dried Krill

Product Description:
It is uses Antarctic krill which harvested from Antarctic Ocean, by dried and processed then get the products, the length is 3-5 cm, have strong Hydrophilicity and hydroplanation,crispy without a thorn, strong palatability,it will be soften few minutes after into the water,and no hurt to fish's esophagus, and no muddy to water, long-term consumption, clean water, called the king of feed.
Main Ingredients:
Phospholipids, Astaxanthin, Omega-3 (EPA, DHA), Omega-6, Vitamin A, D, E.
Product use and efficacy:
Raw materials for aquatic feed or other products.
Enhance the immunity of fish, reduce fungal diseases and fish mortality;
Rich nutrition, good effective in strength color;
Strong attractiveness,improve the growth rate of fish,
Improve the digestive ability of adult fish to make the fish more robust and lively.